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I help coaches and experts sell their offers with highly engaging emails.

Is this you?

  • You’ve been writing your own emails for a while now, and it’s taking you hours every week…

  • Whatever you do, you just can’t seem to get any results from your email list…

  • You have a great funnel, but nothing in place to nurture your list in the backend…

  • You do your best, but it’s just not your area of expertise and you don’t really know what you're doing…

We’re a good fit if you want to:

  • Bring your email list back to life

  • Avoid the promo tab (aka where all dreams go to die)

  • Get out of the spam folder for good

  • Crank up those sad open rates of yours… to consistent 15-20%

  • Save HOURS of writing content every week

  • Keep engagement high and your list HUNGRY for your offers

  • Be advised on the best emails & marketing practices by an expert

Services include:

-Done-for-you emails

Engaging emails to build trust, book more calls, and increase sells.

-Email deliverability support

Have all your emails land in the Primary Inbox.
Promo tab and spam folder? Never again.

-Marketing consulting

Improve your strategy & automations.
Know what’s working now.

-Free bonus: 30-minute audit call

Get a fresh perspective on your current email & marketing efforts.

-Easy ongoing communication

Nice to meet you, I'm Simon

Simon Martin, copywriter

Based in Montreal, I’ve been passionate about marketing and entrepreneurship for as long as I can remember.Before I was a copywriter, I worked on different businesses such as SMMA, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, video production, print-on-demand, blogging and Amazon FBA. Fair to say I have a decent amount of experience with online businesses!Aside from all the coaching and online courses I've taken, I have traditional studies in business and marketing.Fast forward to today, I'm a direct response + email copywriter and I help my clients have more impact and increase their sales. I'm also featured on and

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“Simon wrote weekly newsletters to my audience. He has been quick to pick up my preferred style, provided a lot of value from using both his own experiences and research, and overall is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Simon for anyone looking to strengthen their brand’s email marketing and copywriting.”

-Will Rossy, Founder of @Sprouht
(YT: 470k+ / IG: 560k+)

“After I read the sequence that Simon wrote for me I literally said WOW out loud. I even teared up when reading one of the emails, which told some of my entrepreneurial story. I think Simon does such a good job on the front end gathering information about you, your brand, your personality that he really embodies you and the audience you are trying to speak to in the messaging."

-Courtney Wendzicki, Founder of Confetti Worthy Media

“Simon is a highly skilled copywriter! After just a short intake form, he was able to create an e-mail sequence that really embodied the voice of my brand. I really appreciate the attention to detail he had and how little back and forth was needed. I didn't even need any revisions after! Highly recommend working with him!"

-Tiffany Taylor, Business Coach

“Shout out to my man Simon- not only does he write effective emails, he is super communicative and helped us get our open rates up! Love this guy :)"

-Mike Campion, Founder of Grow My Cleaning Company

“Working with Simon has been a breeze. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but he has definitely over-delivered. He has done a fantastic job and I love the email content he is creating to empower us to make more sales!"

-Jennifer Waters, Founder of 7 Figure Dojo

“Simon rewrote my sales page so that it sounded more like me as a person (rather than an academic journal article) and persuasively communicated what I bring to the table as a Course Design Consultant. Thank you Simon!"

-Gabby, Course Consultant


-How many emails will you write per week?

This will highly depend on your audience, industry and specific needs. But usually, it will range between 3-7 emails/week.

-Is email marketing REALLY worth it?

YES! You’ve worked hard to build your personal brand online… And it's important to do the same for your list. Many subscribers don’t follow you on social media, but still need the same level of attention and nurturing to become buyers over time.
Plus, fun fact: the average expected ROI is $40 for every $1 invested on email marketing. (omnisend, 2022)

-Who comes up with the content ideas?

I will take care of all that, except if you want to be part of the process!

-Will the emails respect my brand voice and values?

Definitely. I will study your brand, your social media, how you talk and write… So I can emulate your unique style & personality and share your message the right way.

-What is the communication like? How often do we need to touch base?

Once onboarded, we will stay in touch on Slack. My clients usually don't need to chat with me for more than a few minutes per week!

-Do you have a guarantee?

Not exactly. I’ve learned copywriting and email marketing from the best in the industry. While I can guarantee excellent work and better performance, your exact results will highly depend on your own funnel, offers, personal branding, list size, deliverability, etc.
My promise to you is to help you make all necessary improvements, adjustments and split tests over time so you continuously get better results.
We usually start the first month with weekly payments, to minimize your “risk” before moving forward with the monthly retainer.
There is no long-term contract, so you can cancel at any time if you’re not satisfied with our work together. :)

-Do you charge per email or revenue share %?

I charge per email, so I can focus on building trust and a long-lasting relationship between you and your audience. I respect the buyer’s journey and longer sales cycles.
Some email marketing agencies charge performance fees only, but end up selling wayyy to hard to the list (it’s the only way for them to get paid fast). They burn the list and subscribers opt-out at lightning speed.

-Do you only write emails?

No! I'm first and foremost a direct-response copywriter, so I can write all types of copy: emails, ads, landing pages, sales letters, VSL, websites, etc.